Mad Hatter's UnBirthday

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Every year since my daughter was born, planning her birthday party has been something I have put my heart and soul into.  Hours have been poured into finding (or making) the perfect decor, food, favors and details for each and every one.  We have lots of cousins so the parties can be an enormous affair but they are oh so fun!  The joy and surprise of adults and children alike sparks a fire in me!

Our "Mad Hatter's UnBirthday" was one of the first ones that I really got my creative juices flowing.  The party was not on her actual birthday so it was an "UnBirthday"!  With a small budget and some DIY creativity we ended up with a super fun birthday party! 

Printable Invitations by Piggy Bank Parties

It's not uncommon for us to have unique birthdays that aren't sold in stores so we end up making quite a bit of the party decorations and supplies!  Pinatas in particular are tough to come by if you have a unique theme.  This Cheshire Cat was the very first one I ever made.  I've learned a few things since then!  If you ever decide to try to make one, be prepared for it to take a little longer than you think and have PLENTY of tissue paper on hand for covering it!  I should add that I am not by any means a pinata maker but when push comes to shove I rely on YouTube and Google to figure out how on earth something is made!  What on earth did we do before the internet?  It's pretty amazing how much information we have at our fingertips!

Cheshire Cat Pinata

Food is something that I try to keep fitting with the theme.  In this case we had pretty easy food since many of the kids were very young.  We used a cookie cutter to make flower shaped sandwiches, partly because it fit the theme but it also cut the crust off for the little kids.  And we dipped pink marshmallows into water, then some purple decorative sugar before we skewered them to make "Cheshire Cat Tails".  Easy Peasy and the kids loved it!  Some small sweet treats were served up on tiered servers made from plates and water goblets with small picks that said "eat me" on the tags.  Because the Mad Hatter would of course be a little unconventional!

As I mentioned before, these were mostly young guests so we tried to offer fun things for them to do.  We had foam top hats to decorate with feathers, puff paint, sequins, buttons and random odds and ends!  They had a blast creating their own mad hatter's hats and worked as part of the favors to send home with them!  It was a hit!  I found with previous parties that the kids seemed to really enjoy having a fun craft activity to do, the hats were a great way to pass the time while we waited for tummy's to settle after lunch!

Hat making is serious work!

Candy...oh my.... so much Candy!  It was really fun to see the kids eyes light up even though they weren't allowed to eat all of it!  We did send some home with them though!


It wasn't the most elaborate party I've done, but it was oh so fun and having a smaller budget we totally made it work!  The kids had a blast and to top it all off....a purple velvet cake!  We tried to incorporate the Mad Hatter theme into all aspects of the party.  Having a common thread helps to make a party feel cohesive and it's fun to have little surprises throughout the day!  




Life is short, Celebrate it!





Printable Invitations were created by: Piggy Bank Parties



Cake Created by: Fredericks Pasteries







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