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If you spend any amount of time with our family, you’ll discover that we might lean a little more toward the “crunchy” side.  You know what I mean, we (sometimes) make our own nut milk, yogurt, and even some of our beauty products.  We are also into holistic care for our family, so we often will use Essential Oils and Herbs to help to keep our family healthy.  Our youngest has been familiar with these products from a very early age and would bring her own oils to school and would sometimes bring in her favorite essential oil book for show and tell!  She loves to teach others!

 Essential oil Birthday Party

When she was 7, we started asking about what she wanted for a theme for her birthday in the Spring.  I am no stranger to unique themes from her but her response this time was one that had me reeling a bit!  Her response was, “Mom, I want an Essential oils birthday!”  You read that right, my 7-year-old wanted an ESSENTIAL OILS birthday!  What on earth was I going to do for that AND make it kid friendly?!  I started searching the internet for exactly that and lo and behold…NOTHING!  So I started asking around in some of my essential oil circles, someone had heard of a children’s book that was all about essential oils!  I knew that was how we would make it work!  We could incorporate the book into the party and keep the learning about essential oils fun and light-hearted!

Goodie Baskets

Food Table

The Book that we ended up finding was written by Rachelle Castor, it’s called “Tiny Wingz and the Monzterrific Day”.  Colorful drawings of fun monsters and a little bit of learning made it a great choice for the guests!  Because we have a large family and several siblings were attending, we opted to have one copy of the book for each family as a fun favor. 


Because there were no pre-made items with the characters, I ended up drawing Tinywingz on a sign and as an addition to the Pinata.  In hindsight, if I had planned my time better I would have used Markers or a brighter paint to make the picture for the piñata.

Goodie Bags and Googly Eyes


For Favors the kids received a small basket with fruit snacks and some eyeball rings for turning your hand into a silly monster as well as a Monzter Rice Heating Pack and some Lavender Monzzzter spray.  Toward the end of the day we let them choose their own citrus scent to add to a bottle as a Monzter Away Spray to use when they were feeling a little cranky!   They loved it!


Next time I’d probably allow myself a little more time to get all the details right but the kids loved it and had a blast!  Have you ever had a unique themed party?


Life is short, Celebrate it!





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