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If you follow our Facebook Page you know that today is one year to the day from when we said yes to fostering our Shiba Inu pups.  

Roscoe and Koda were surrendered to a shelter and the Shiba Rescue of New Jersey - New England had posted about them looking for a foster and potential fur-ever home. We had only been in our house for about three months but our youngest and I were begging my husband to let us get a dog.  Let's just say he wasn't on board with that idea.  

I was finally able to convince him to try fostering.  He finally agreed to give it a try!  I had filled out the application and waited....and waited...and then saw their post about these two Shiba boys who were not all that far away from us!  I quickly commented that YES!  We were interested in taking them!  

We chatted and decided that they would be transported by some volunteers and I was to meet them halfway the following morning!  I was so excited!  And then...I realized something...Tim had said we could foster but we hadn't even discussed the option of getting more than one!  Oops!  As we were sitting by our fire pit later that night I casually tried to bring it up.  My guess would be that it was a very poor attempt at being subtle!  "So ummm, remember how we said we would foster?  Well ummm, they posted about some that are close and ummm, how do you feel about taking two?"  Surprisingly he went along with it!  I know, it's a good thing he loves me! 

In the morning, he was headed off to take photos at a wedding while our youngest and I headed out to pick up our new foster pups!  I'd warned her that they had been through a lot and that we shouldn't crowd them.  They'll come to us when they are ready I told her.  We had laid out a sheet in the back of our jeep, bought new leashes, harnesses, toys and bones.  All of it was laid out ready and waiting for them.  I might add a note of caution here: Dog seat belts are a thing.  You should have one!  Koda and Roscoe spent every minute of that ride home in the front seat!  My poor daughter got stepped on, sat on, had more dog breath in her face than anyone cares to!  Ha!  She gave me a dirty look and reminded me of what I'd said, "Oh yeah Mom, they are soooo shy!" Hey, one never knows with shelter dogs!

Riding to their Fur-ever Home

Fast forwarding a bit, our other children were with us that weekend as well.  Needless to say, by the time Tim got home, the rest of us were completely smitten!  All of us wanted to keep them but were trying desperately not to nag my poor husband!  Finally, he asked me what I thought of telling the kids via a birthday card for our oldest from the dogs.  I was ecstatic!  It was the happiest of days for all of the kids I think!

Now, if you know anything about Shiba Inu dogs, you know that they are considered to be one of the most difficult dogs to train!  Intelligence and stubbornness all in one tiny, hairy package!  I'd had Shiba's before so I was prepared for their uniqueness. I'd like to add, if you are looking for a dog, please do your research!  Shibas are so darn cute but they do come with their own challenges.  This goes for any dog really, evaluate your home, lifestyle and what it is you hope to gain by having a dog and find a dog that fits those needs!  As the saying goes, you cannot fit a square peg into a round hole!  A dogs personality is as individual as a humans but they also come with some innate characteristics that are simply part of their story.  Generations of learned behaviors are not simply bred out of any type of dog.  A hunting type dog, will always have behaviors of a hunting dog!  Which a Shiba is by the way, small critters may not fair well with them!  I'm not a dog expert by any means but having been a dog owner working with trainers, the rescue and a behaviorist, I have learned a lot!

Roscoe putting on his best party face

Today we celebrate a year with these pups!  I quickly made some hats, a dog friendly cake and frosting and we did a quick photo shoot before they devoured their cakes!  It's been a year of learning their quirks but we love them in spite of their quirky ways!  We've been through neutering challenges, anxiety and training challenges and some interesting behavior quirks but they are so worth the work!    I am so incredibly proud of how far they have come!  Regardless of the day we've had it's great to come home to the welcoming barks of these two spunky, lovable boys!

Happy 1 Year Adoptiversary!

Koda only came for the Cake

From our Fur covered home to yours!


Cake Time!!

Photo Credit: Photography by Timothy Boyle

Doggie Cake, Signage & Hats: Annikka and Koko 

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